Unsung Heroes – Poster


This thought provoking composition is the result of 7 years of research in 19 countries where more than 850.000 images and documents in archives from World War 1 were discovered and is part of a larger collection.

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Unsung Heroes - Poster

In World War One more than 350.000 women from all continents travelled to the battlefields of Europe and the Middle East to volunteer as nurse.
Homo Sum: Humani nil a me alienum puto ( Ciocero) – meaning : I am a human: nothing human is alien to me. Language, history and culture separate us from one another. So does lack of respect for anyone or anything that may deviate from our ethnocentric view of the world. We honor what we know even though we do not agree with it. Because our understanding of the other is always proximate, we are often suspended in a position between knowing and not knowing. Therefore, understanding is always cautioned by humility. Because meaningful human life depends on some measure of empathy, the desire to understand those who are the other to us may be enough to build community.

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