A Storm is Coming – Poster


This thought provoking composition is the result of 7 years of research in 19 countries where more than 850.000 images and documents in archives from World War 1 were discovered and is part of a larger collection.

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A Storm is Coming - Poster

A regiment of Arabian cavalry shrouded in a sandstorm. These soldiers role into the thick of battle with nothing more than their steeds, their swords and their courage. They arrived by land and sea from foreign continents and had little idea about the storm that would be unleashed across Europe. When these few surviving men came out of the storm, they weren’t the same persons who walked in. That’s what this storm was all about.

“I got my finger on the trigger,
But I don’t know who to trust,
When I look into your eyes,
There’s just devils and dust.

I got God on my side,
And I’m just trying to survive,
What if what you do to survive,
Kills the things you love.

(Bruce Springsteen –Devils & Dust)

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